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A girl from Priyadarshini college co-founded a company along with vincent palloti student and IIT and IIM Alumni

  Published by Ayush Bhambore

Ofcourse you know about apps which show you reviews about good and bad restraunts but wait, this topic is totally alternate to this concept.

This amazing app is called foodbymood.

Now you will say ofcourse this app is being made by some IIT and IIM student who are very talented.Ok fortunately you are right but only half. Yes, this app was also founded by RTMNU students.A student of priyadarshini college of engineering and Vincent palloti.

This app is founded by Sangharakshak Neel an IIT-bombay alumni, Dhammachintak an IIT-ahmdedbad graduate, Dheeraj maurya student of vincent palloti and Mennal hatmode student of Priyadarshini college of Engineering.

So basically I told you that this app is alternate to the idea of many review based companies on different restraunts, but I didn't told you, why this app is totally alternate.

OK, so here comes the point, Foodbymood gives you the review about best dishes of the nearby restraunts.But why would we see review of the dishes instead of restraunts.Here is the reason, sometimes we go to the amazing restraunts and order an amazing food from there.But we don't know about the taste of that dish in that particular restraunt.We visited that restraunt just because of popularity but that popularity doesn't rely on every dishes.So sometimes even with the good restraunts some dishes are really bad.To solve this problem Foodbymood has been come to save our taste.

Now talking to real deal. What is the total earning? so the earning is still not disclosed by the founders but this app is already downloaded by more than 700 users and many restraunts has already logged in.We can say that FoodbyMood has a birght future.

Thankyou for reading this article.I always try to give you best knowledgeable content so that you will get insipired and motivated too.I am coming with more amazing stories which will gurantee inspires you.So please keep visiting to solutiongeek Inspiration section.