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Whatsapp Earning strategy in India

  Published by Ayush Bhambore


Here we areeeeee.

Whatsapp,Whatsapp,Whatsapp Everyyyyyyywhere.But ever imagine how Whatsapp earns money.Does it even makes money or not?.

All answers of the questions will be cleared step by step

Whatsapp founders


Whatsapp was founded by Bran Actoun and Jam Koum on 24th february 2009 in california

Bran and Jam both are Yahoo ex-employees.After quiting job they applied for facebook but they both were rejected.Later on, savings from the job of Yahoo, they founded Whatsapp

How whatsapp earns money


Whatsapp earns with a yearly subscription plan, It goes around 1$ (in most of the European countries).But wait isn't it small.Yes, it is small but believe me even with 1$ plan it earns more than 90 million dollar yearly.

Here is the part that you know ofcourse!!!

whatsapp don't charge money in India

I know

But why whatsapp is running in India when it is not making any profit??


Well, we know that Whatsapp was bought by Facebook completely in 2014 with an whooping amount of 19 billion dollars.According to the recent statistics,facebook is loosing it's user base drastically, so to engage audiences on facebook they are using whatsapp.Believe me even you use Facebook ocasionally

Now question arises from your super intellectual mind, how Facebook are using whatsapp right??


They lookout at every chats we have daily, On that basis they show searches taking consideration of our chat in whatsapp, arranging facebook search results to engage audiences more and more.

Didn't get it???Ok fine, lets take an example.Suppose you are chatting with your friend.You are talking about a attire that you saw on Amazon-->(mark it, you mentioned amazon in your chat)--->.So in coding language we can say Amazon is a keyword in whole phrase(keyword is nothing but an important word in simple language).Instead of looking at a whole chat they just note Amazon keyword.

Now, using AI(Artificial intelligence) they pick out those keywords which you talked in whatsapp chats.Then according to it they show ads and memes in your timeline taking reference of that keyword

So you can say that Facebook invested 19 billion for just to increase users

enistein meme


According to the statistics Whatsapp has active monthly users more than 1500 Million.It has users more than Indian Popluation


Amazing Facts about whatsapp

Whatsapp Average users value is 42$.It means you have a cost of 42$ for whatsapp.(source:statista)

India and South Africa are the top markets of whatsapp

Average Whatsapp users sends 1000 messages per month

So this is how whatsapp works.I hope you like this very very small artcile.Thank you