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Hello friends I am Ayush Bhambore, founder of Solutiongeek.This website is basically created to give the relevant strucutral analytic data from our team to you.The first step that we have taken to do this is by providing question paper of RTMNU university and also for some Autonomous college's.Now we have taken our step further,in this blog section we will bring you some inspiring stories from India.Our main focus will be to give you the best knowledgeable content,so that when you will try something new you will have the do's and dont's which you can focus.Also by reading the most exciting stories,you will have the clear idea which thing you can try or not because A 'good man learn from his failures but a wise man learn from others failure too'

Note:This data is totally surveyed by Solutiongeek team.We have taken information from social media for the data and info. After collecting data, our team do analysis about that topic then we post this blog, so the sequence and priorities of the individuals or organisations ranking might be different on different websites

1: How Y.C.C.E graduates founded Nagpur's one of biggest software service company

 Published by Ayush Bhambore(founder)

2: A Girl from Priyadarshini College co-founded a company along with Palloti student or IIT-Bombay and IIM-Ahemdabad alumni

  Published by Ayush Bhambore(founder)

3: How Paytm gives you a huge amount of CashBack

  Published by Ayush Bhambore(founder)

3: Whatsapp strategy in India

  Published by Ayush Bhambore